It is like a floating memory of something what used to be full entirety, something what used to be alive what now continues to split and slowly floats into destructive nothingness.
This project is about climate change and its effect to the North. In the last years we can see how the climate has changed. If it used to happen as a natural thing then now scientists are in agreement, the global climate is rapidly warming and the causes are rooted in human activity. Some of clearest evidence that global climate change is indeed occurring today and is being caused by human activity comes from carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
As in latvian folklore and classic literature the phenomenons of nature are usually personalized, in this work The North is shown as The Nordic girl (mother of the North) that is unnoticed and tramped down by humans to extinction. As destructive motive adding the virus looking melting snow texture what appears in sudden warm winter days from human footprints in the snow. The destructive virus caused by people.
Adding background sound composition made of field recordings to fulfill the atmosphere around and encourage the beholder to meditative thoughts about this problem around and each ones place and part in it.

Final BA project at Art Academy of Latvia, 2017
Project mentor - Assoc. Prof. Kristaps Ģelzis

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